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Remember the show, Kids Say The Darnest Things? Well they are back but with a twist. In the words of Z Talk ~ "One things for certain, kids are going to express their truth! Although the world is shifting quickly from what we know, these young minds are not letting go of their dreams for the future. Z sits with the leaders of tomorrow on our latest episode to hear all they have to say!"

These Big Dreamers had a lot to say ~ from being a baker, a builder, doctor, super hero and so much more.

About Z Talk

Meet Z, your multifaceted host! As the host of Z Talk, Z is here to take the talk show game to the next level. If it’s one thing she wants viewers to take away from the show, it’s that there is absolutely no limit. No limit to what you can do in this world, where life will take you or no limit on age. Z Talk is a platform for the innovative. It is a platform for the creative.

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