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What is Lupus?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

What is Lupus?

Lupus is an inflammatory condition that develops as the immune system attacks the body's own tissues. Lupus is a disease that affects women between the ages of 15 and 45. There are many forms of lupus.

My good friend has Lupus, and I'd like to share her story with you. When we were both working with a reality TV star about ten years ago, I met this queen. She's always been one to get up, go, and be prepared. Even if I needed her for a gig or case, she would go to her full-time job or show up to do her clients' hair before a shoot or performance. There were no complaints or hesitations from her.

Who'd have guessed she'd be diagnosed with Lupus one day? But you've heard the phrase "I have lupus." “Lupus does not possess me.” She is the true definition of that. Nothing has ever discouraged her before, and Lupus isn't going to be any different. This is her story. What is Lupus and how does it affect you?

Lupus is an inflammatory condition that develops as the immune system attacks the body's own tissues. Lupus is a disease that affects women between the ages of 15 and 45. There are many forms of lupus.

When did you find out that you had Lupus?

In 2016, I suffered a miscarriage that necessitated four surgeries. I became really sick after undergoing back-to-back operations, with a constant fever of 105 for over a month. In addition to the fever, I developed red hives all over my body, literally from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. After three months of testing, my allergist wanted to test me for Lupus, and I was formally diagnosed in July 2016, despite becoming violently ill that month and having to stop walking for about six months.

What were the first thoughts that came to mind?

"My life is done," I kept thinking. So, what's going to happen to my company?? What am I supposed to do now? There is no way to get rid of it!! Would I still be sick like this? In a year, I went from being a happy, safe 30-year-old to being unable to walk. I went through a deep depression from 2016 to 2019, owing to the effects of Lupus on my body, which necessitated 15 surgeries on various parts of my body.

Lupus Symptoms

  • Swollen joints (arthritis)

  • Constant or severe fatigue

  • Skin rash

  • Ankle swelling

  • Pain in your chest when breathing deeply (pleurisy)

  • A butterfly-shaped rash across your cheeks and nose (malar rash)

  • Hair loss

  • Sensitivity to the sun or other lights

  • Seizures

You are a business owner and work a full-time job. What keeps you going?

I got up one day and said, "I can't live like this any longer." I can't stay at home and be bedridden any longer. In 2018, I made the decision that the first move will be to look for work because I needed a reason to get out of the house every day. Despite the fact that I still had my Commercial Cleaning company, I was no longer able to physically be there, so I continued to run it from home, which didn't satisfy me.

Of course, I had no idea how I was going to juggle everything in this New Lupus Body, but I was determined to make it work no matter what. I needed to rediscover my sense of purpose. When I started working part-time, I started experimenting with vitamin juicing and tea regimens to help with my flares and lack of energy. Although they didn't always work, I listened to my body and stayed at home on days when I couldn't cope.

Unfortunately, the battle was far from over, and I had to undergo a few more surgeries. On top of that, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in January 2019, all while starting a new job. I never let it get to me or discourage me because I knew what rock bottom felt like and I couldn't go there anymore.

It took a lot more prayer than I was used to, but it was what truly calmed me down. 2020 was a terrible year for many people, but for me, it was a flashback to the year I was diagnosed.

Lupus Treatment

Your lupus treatment will be determined by several factors, including your age, overall health, medical history, which part of your body is affected, and the severity of your case.

Because lupus can change over time, it's critical to see a doctor on a regular basis, such as a rheumatologist.

Dealing with COVID-19 and having Lupus you are considered high risk. How are you maintaining through these rough times?

Regrettably, I was one of the million Americans who signed up for COVID-19. I couldn't walk for a few weeks and had Pneumonia twice in both lungs from March 15 to May while fighting COVID. On May 15, 2020, I finally tested negative after two months. Pneumonia returned from October to mid-November while I was trying to get my body back on track health-wise. My body was never able to completely fight it off, and the infection remained in both of my lungs. Here I am, and I am living proof that with GOD, anything is possible. I've learned to take a deep breath and stop to smell the roses.

When it comes to business, I've learned to pace myself, I've regained patience, and I've regained the true feeling of being grateful for waking up every day. During the Pandemic, I worked from home and ran my business, but most importantly, I felt reborn.Like most people, I'm tired of waking up and having nowhere to go, but I'm grateful for this time off to Remove, Reflect, and Refresh. One thing is certain: we will never have the opportunity to stay at home for such an extended period of time again in our lives.

What advice can you give someone who is dealing with Lupus or maybe they just got the results back saying they have Lupus?

The most important thing for anyone facing a new diagnosis to remember is that it is not a "Life Sentence." More importantly, embrace the New Person you will become. Be very proactive in your treatment by researching Natural Remedies as well as any medication that will be prescribed to you and the effects of those medications. I was on 30 pills per day at one point, but I am now only on 2 pills in my fifth year of this diagnosis. The most important thing to remember is to follow your instincts. Be gentle with yourself and the process. Always weigh your pros and cons and remain positive regardless of the outcome.

I transitioned from running a business at night to working full-time during the day while also attending school full-time and maintaining an active social life. Now I have to plan my days because I don't have enough energy to get much done in a day, and I finally understand why.

Life will definitely be different but it's not over !!! Stay Strong !!! *anonymous*

Final words: You are the only one who is familiar with your own body. Call your doctor if you don't feel like yourself or notice changes in your body. Do not be afraid to examine your body in front of a mirror. It is your responsibility to take care of it. Do you have Lupus and have found ways to live your life, or do you have any remedies to share? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. Share your experience; it might help someone else.

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