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They Said She Couldn’t Be She Did

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

They told her she couldn’t and she proved them wrong! Nicole Marshall is the first one in her entire generation to own a school. Yes, you heard right she owns a school using her tears,

sweat and dominatrix money. She is the owner of South Atlanta Bartending School. She has bartended for some of the hottest clubs in Atlanta for those of you trying figure out where you've heard her name before. Now she is ready to show others how to do it. In true Karate Kid fashion, the student has become the teacher. The best part about her school you do not have to have any bartending experience.

I want to tell you a little more about South Atlanta Bartending School so I got with my girl Nikki and here’s what she had to say...

Tell us more about what South Atlanta Bartending School offers?

South Atlanta Bartending School offers Bartending training classes, bottle girl training, hookah training, and bar back training for anyone who wants to be in the industry who is 18 and over.

What does one need to start?

All a person needs to start is themselves! You do not need to have experience to start. The school is here to teach you about hospitality, training, and mixology and we will teach you everything that is necessary. What are some packages you offer?

We offer several packages: The $375 package is a 1-Day Crash Course. The $410 package is the Nationwide Certification and Bar License Course. Finally, the $575 package is the Nationwide Certification that comes with a bar kit. All courses include free refresher classes to practice your craft.

What are some of the accomplishments from students who have graduated?

Wow, I’m glad you asked that question. We have graduates who have started their own mobile bartending businesses, created their own signature cocktails that they branded and sell to the public, work with high profile clientele like officials and celebrities, and built their confidence overall.

Sign me up. Where do I go?

When a person is ready to sign up, they just need to go to

How cool is that?

Come in with no experience and at the end of your course you will come out with a Certificate starting your own Business and Bartending at some of the hottest spots in ATL. With COVID-19 going on this is the best time to learn so when we are back open safely and officially you will be ready to take off.

Instagram: @Learnhowtobartendfast

Twitter: @satlbarschool

TikTok: @learnhowtobartend

Face Book: South Atlanta Bartending School


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