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The Yard House

About The Yard House

The Yard House is my go-to location whenever I‘m at Atlantic Station. I'm all about good vibes and food. So to find both in one spot with the way these gas prices are set up is a definite win/win. The lighting is soothing and relaxing yet bright enough for you to focus on their amazing food. The bartenders are always friendly with cheerful conversation and a smile all while serving you your beverage of choice. It's just good energy, smiles vibes and food. The highlight is definitely their bar which is now available to go!

My go-to dish is the Chicken Nachos - if I could go right now this review would be on a quick pause. I did try to get some the other day but the way my day was set up....the lie detector test determined that was a lie. *lol*. Now back to the Nachos I can't even describe it it's just so good. It's never too hot when it comes out, I can always dive right in. The right blends of pinto beans, cheddar, red & green sauce they use the house-pickled jalapeños which have this sweet/spicy kick to it adding to the depth of flavor in the nachos.

Their burgers are pretty good, I'm a burger girl and love a good burger. A homemade burger made just the way you like whether its well done or medium well either way its going to be great and lets not forget the homemade fries. I think I know what's going to be for dinner tonight.

They have a variety of dishes on their menu that you may want to try, such as their grilled korean bbq beef, chicken wings, spicy tuna rolls pizza an a variety of nacho options, all I know is I'm getting the Nachos and you should too.

There are multiple locations from Florida, Hawaii, New York, California, and more. Visit their website for more

Have you been to The Yard House? Do you plan on going? If so tell me all about your experience below and what you ate.* whispers* so I can order it next time 🤪


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