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StyleMe Danny

I have known this queen for over six years. Being able to call a strong black queen a friend/sister feels good.

It all began with Shade Dolls, a brand I was (am) an ambassador for. I’ve always loved her shades and if you saw me with a pair you were guaranteed to say “ Where do you get your shades from?”. There is nothing ordinary about these shades. With her collection, you can definitely express your personality. But how can you have the shades but not the outfit to go with them? That was ME! Dressing, shopping, and all the girly stuff are my favorite things, but it's hard to find the stuff you like now. While there are many shops and online boutiques, I don't like looking like everyone else and having the same outfit. It will never be forgotten when I went to a club with my girls and we both wore the same dress. That will never happen again! LOL, I stopped shopping at that store. I won't be caught up twice. Here's where StyleMe Danny can help. No matter how simple the look needs to be, she has done it for me plenty of times. It would be easy for me to call her and tell her that I have an event to host at a lounge that I have to attend. My needs were met by her. You can either let her style you from your own closet or have her shop for you. It doesn't matter what you need, she can do it. I know you're probably wondering, well can you tell me more about this amazing stylist? Ok I got you.... Danny has always loved fashion, dressing up in matching outfits with her mom even when she was a tiny tot. There are many collections of coordinating shoes, jewelry, hats, coats, and purses available. She learned at a young age that some pieces can make or break a look. Most importantly, it's not about brand names. The way you style your pieces is what gives them life. As a wardrobe and personal stylist, she has worked on many projects with some of the most talented models, actresses, musicians, directors, brands, and photographers in the world. As of 2021, she is focusing more on styling and charity (more on that later). It makes me happy that this queen decided to pursue her styling career. I can't wait to see how she makes it all happen.

Photoshoot - Brand/Promo Artist @realdanilove1 Photographer @azustudios Hair stylist @hairby_briasymone Makeup @jmazyckinc Stylist @stylemedanny Stylist Asst @_shya1

Coordinator @asiadiamond

Personal Styling - Events/Hosting Host: @asiadiamond Stylist @stylemedanny

Commerical-Brand/Promo Models: @asiadiamond @beingtinarich @shadedolls

Stylist: @stylemedanny

Need a Stylist for a red carpet, interview, or a night out on town?

Contact Danny at

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