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Self Love Is Key

What is Self Love?

The web meaning: Self Love is the strong sense of respect for and confidence in oneself.

We are not taught how to love ourselves. Usually, we learn about self-love when we are at our breaking point. When we look in the mirror and don't recognize ourselves. There was a time when we felt we couldn't go on. As reality hits, you tell yourself, "Get it together. This is not you. Who are you?" As a result, you go back to all the things you have heard about self-love and self-care. Taking care of yourself and loving yourself is not an easy task. The key is learning how to prioritize yourself and knowing that you can be selfish when it comes to yourself. Self-Love and Self-Care are currently on my to-do list. There are times when I have off days, and that's ok, as long as I get back on track. I know there are a few readers who would like to learn more about self-love. Sharing is my passion.

As a former dancer/choreographer, actress, model, TV production assistant, and actress, Mercedelli Graciano, less commonly known as "Mercy G," has traveled the world of entertainment.

Her career transitioned from education to the self-help industry after she realized kids needed emotional intelligence, so she decided to start The Self Specialist. With a deep understanding of Self-Awareness, Self-Care, and Self-Control, her main drive is to help people become the best version of themselves.

In her own words, “It all starts from within; if we are able to look at ourselves and notice the markings we leave imprinted through our paths, we would be more conscious of how we act and interact. Being self-centered and selfish is actually not a bad thing if done in a healthy way. To be self-centered is to be grounded and to be selfish is to establish boundaries.”




Concentrate on yourSELF.

It All Starts From Within.


People will mislabel your boundaries with things like "you're crazy." Don't believe them; that's their way of not owning up to hurting you.


It is not about being right.

It's about being heard.


Anxiety makes you predict and anticipate. Don't let it dictate your path!

Walk with your feelings not ahead of them.


Confidence is also understanding your weaknesses.


We need to normalize prioritizing "The Self"

Being self-centered means that you know where you stand. Being selfish means you have set boundaries in order to protect yourself.

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