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Meet Tina Richardson

First I want to give a big Congratulations to Mrs.Richardson on her little man Pops. You have to see him, you just want to eat him up. He got the fat cheeks and those chunky thighs where you just want to put butter and eat him up. He is just too cute and stay ready to fight.

Tina has been on a journey that some of you are going to be able to relate to. For some of you it may prepare you for what you have planned. It does not matter what you take from her story - as long as you take something from it.

How was it transitioning after having your son and getting back into acting and modeling?

Well, I didn't have a normal pregnancy. I had complications from being pregnant and my body had to recover from being sick. I had severe preeclampsia, anemia, Vitamin D deficiency, and a C-section. On top of being sick, my son was in the NICU for 62 days for prematurity due to me having severe preeclampsia. I had a lot going on, but I had to stay strong for my son and recovery from being pregnant was my focus. I had support from my husband who help me recover from being sick. Transitioning from having a baby was hard for me because my son was born prematurely and I had to focus on getting my son well. Once my son was picking up weight I started back exercising, eating a healthy diet and losing weight. Getting back into modeling and acting hasn't been hard though. Four months after having my son, I started back modeling and acting.

Getting pregnant during covid what was the experience like or fear? How did you maintain with doctor visits ?

Being pregnant during COVID was CRAZY! I'm a nurse, so as soon as they said the virus was airborne I started wearing a face mask and taking precautions. There was no scienctific data at the time on how the virus affected pregnant women or on how the virus affects the fetus. I just wore my mask everywhere I went and stay away from large crowds. My husband and I sheltered in and just prepared for the unknown. As far as doctor visits went, when it first started we did Telehealth services which was awesome. I spoke to my provider over the computer and she addressed any issues and concerns that I may have. Once our healthcare community understood about COVID they opened back up to see Obstetrics patients and they ensured that everyone followed CDC guidelines. They made us feel safe which I loved the most. During this whole ordeal with a pandemic going on it really showed how people don't care about others health by not wearing a mask!

Photo by Candice Ghai Photography

Celebrities are not the only ones doing a bounce back? How did you get into your bounce back and back into modeling?

Well, for me I had a lot going on since I was recovering from having severe preeclampsia, anemia, Vitamin D deficiency, and having a C section. I had to be very careful with exercising, so I ended up walking for 2 miles with my husband. We started going for long brisk walks and enjoying each other company. We would switch up a bit and go hiking to make it more interesting. For me, I had lots of fluid on my body from having preeclampsia that all I lost was water weight mostly. I did no weight training, drank 8 glasses of water a day, and I just watch my diet intake. I didn't start doing intense cardio and light weight training till 4 months after having my son. I lost a total of 30 pounds in 6 months, so I'm proud of myself.

Since getting back into acting and modeling Tina has booked a commercial, and a skin care photo shoot. 2021 is starting off great for this queen!

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