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Meet Robin Dunn: The F.A.C.E. Coach

When it comes to this phenomenal woman, I do not even know where to begin. It is rare to find genuine people in the entertainment world who care about you, your goals, and your well-being. Robin Dunn epitomizes the meaning of true sincerity, love, caring, loyalty, and there are so many more. I am sure anyone who knows her will agree with me. Not only am I blessed and honored to call her my mentor, but I am honored to call her my "mom" as well. I owe her a great deal for helping me become the person I am today, and for keeping me grounded in my goals.

Since the age of 3, I have trained in Ballet (Classical), Jazz, Modern (Horton/Graham), African (West African), and Tap. While Hip Hop was kind of foreign to me, I had a Jazz dance background, so it wasn't so difficult. Walking into my first all-Hip Hop class wasn't in my comfort zone, but all I wanted to do was dance. The first time I met Robin I was 16 years old and had no idea what I wanted to do with my dancing. It was at Steps On Broadway that I took my first hip hop class.It was one of the best decisions I ever made to walk into her class. It was the day my mentor/mom became a part of my life. Since that day, whenever she had a class, I was there. She taught at Alvin Ailey and Steps on Broadway. While I was at Alvin Ailey in their summer program, I noticed she was one of the instructors and had to take her class. I'm glad I did!

When I was 18, she had broken us up into groups for the dance routine she taught, and while I was dancing, she stopped me and asked, "What would you like to do with your dance?" I replied, "I want to dance, perform on stage, and act." "Okay," she replied. Next class, I was pushed harder and had to dance like a Hip Hop dancer, not like a prima ballerina lol

In addition to taking her classes, I also participated in her F.A.C.E Workshop. As a result of this workshop, I gained performance skills as well as audition skills. I recommend the workshop to anyone in the entertainment field or professional business. Below you will find more information. I will be there as soon as the workshop starts again.

Getting to dance with my dance mom was one of my favorite moments. Watching me grow from the Prim Ballerina to being asked to be a part of her promo video taught me the value of consistent work. When you work hard, you will see great results. THE HIGHLIGHT - I DANCED WITH HER! It was an exciting moment for me, and for all entertainers who have someone like this in their lives.

What Is F.A.C.E.?

F.A.C.E., an acronym for Focus, Attitude, Confidence, Energy and Eye Contact, is a tightly constructed method designed to develop and enhance artists, business professionals and individuals with being more comfortable on stage, camera, the work place and in their everyday lives. Robin’s F.A.C.E. received rave reviews in Moscow, Russia for addressing 2,000 marketing professionals of Meridian International Group for two consecutive years. The workshops are currently being offered in New York City and are available for venues worldwide.

Meet Robin Dunn

F.A.C.E. Coach, Choreographer and Producer, Robin Dunn has established herself as one of the key community leaders within the entertainment industry today. Ms. Dunn is a graduate with a BBA degree in Marketing from Bernard M. Baruch College and has appeared in and choreographed several Off Broadway and Dinner Theater productions. She was Director of Amateur Night at the world famous Apollo Theater. Her client list includes Saturday Night Live, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, Missy Elliot, Teen Vogue featuring Jive Recording artist 'Chris Brown,' Tony Award winner, Heather Headley, The Braxtons featuring 'Jay Z,' Brian, McKnight, Sean Kingston and Disney's Raven Symone. She also worked for the management team of the iconic rock band U2 and is the creator and Executive Producer of the awards shows Ladies Get Down (A Salute to Women in Hip Hop & more ...) and Fellas Git Dap (A Salute to Men in Hip Hop and more...).

Dunn believes “a teacher’s job is to shape lives, build dreams and give hope for the future.” – author, unknown

For Bookings and Information

E.D. Entertainment

FB ●Instagram ●Twitter: @robindunnface

Ask about Robin Dunn’s One on One’s: The Private Sessions

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