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Meet Chris Tolley ~ Producer, Director & Dad

As a virtual assistant, I get to meet so many creative people. The most enjoyable part is that they come from all over, and I love that. In addition to being an executive assistant, I enjoy being a virtual assistant. It's the organizer in me, and the desire to help others. I have worked with so many amazing people including podcasters, producers, designers, etc. Almost all of my clients are in different fields, and I enjoy working with all of them.

Especially those who keep me busy. Asia Diamond is all about spreading the word and supporting, so it's only fair I do it for one of my favorite clients. I want to share StepUp with Asia Diamond viewers Chris Tolley ~ who is based in Canada.

About Chris Tolley

Chris Tolley is the co-host and producer of CBC Radio's PlayME, an audio drama series that turns Canada's top theatre plays into bingeable content. At the 2020 New York Festival's Radio Award, PlayME won the Gold Medal for Audio Drama. In addition, he is the President of the Playwright's Guild of Canada, and he has run twice for the Canadian Parliament on a strong arts platform.

Learn more about Chris Tolley

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