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Let's Go CP!

Updated: May 3, 2021

The College Park Cheerleaders are ready for Football Season of 2021. Thus, until the start of the NFL, we can all get our fix for football/cheerleaders season a little soon.

Bumble Bee, Layla Bug and Sanaa

It makes me feel so good to see girls do what they love, because of the happiness they bring - you can always see and feel their energy. You can really tell the girls love what they do and especially they looking forward to their game-day uniforms.

Remember your school days?

If you're use to the colors of your school and the energy and excitement of the pep rallies!? Well, these are the vibes that you're going to have during your visit. I am looking forward to what the College Park Cheerleaders have achieved. They are back in practice (safely - following all CDC guidelines).

I mostly look forward to seeing the girls compete again in Cheerleading Competitions again. They competed for their first two competitions in 2019. They won first place!

Big Shout Out to the Coaches. The coaches ensure their presence and train the girls to shout out loud. Every time you hit the court, the girls get better and better. I see you too, Hey parents! The parents on this team participate so well with their children. Some even have boys on the football team. The Basketball team is also encouraged by College Park Cheerleaders.

I want to tell you a little about College Park Cheerleader Coaches

Coach Sheila (Head Coach) - A native of Atlanta Georgia, owner and proud operator of Shelia's Kids Connection. She is the wife of Sammie McClendon for 38 years and the Mother of her two children. Her son, Samuel McClendon, is an EMT apart of Fire and Rescue of Dekalb County. Her daughter, Shamaudie McClendon, is a Senior at Georgia Southern University majoring in Early Childhood Education. Shelia has been a Volunteer for the City of College Park recreation center for 32 years. Her teams have competed and won 1st place in major championships. This is truly her passion, giving back to her community in her spare time. She also loves dancing. She is a member of the Divas Dazz with Jazz, an Adult Jazz Dance group. Some more of her interest include Traveling, rooting for the Atlanta Falcons, and bringing joy to so many Beautiful Faces.

Coach Heather (Assistant Cheer Coach) - Born in Atlanta, GA, raised in College Park, educated in East Point, resided in Riverdale after moving home from college, and worked in Hapeville for 18 years. She started cheering at Brookview Elementary School and continued through high school at Tri-Cities and even in college at Alabama State University. In 2005 she brought her daughter to the College Park Recreation to get her started with cheerleading at the age of 4 and she became a coach- 16 years later she is still with the College Park. Currently, her youngest daughter who is 8 is on the team who also started at the age of 4. What Coach loves about teaching the girls "it teaches them to be confident, to have a strong presence and to work together as a team. They learn discipline, a good work ethic and they learn to depend on one another to present the best routines possible. From motions to cheers, to dance routines to stunts, these cheerleaders learn to move together, trust each other and bring nothing less than their best to the floor. I love that they learn that patience, practice, and a positive attitude can take them far in cheer and in life. They make me proud to be their cheer coach from bow to toe!"

Coach Lisa (Assistant Coach) - Born in Atlanta GA She started cheering when she was 3 or 4 years old with Coach Shelia who is also her FIRST cousin. Starting out with Coach Sheila at College Park at a very young age, got her to where she is today. She cheered throughout high school at Banneker. In 2004 she started helping her Coach. Coach Lisa said "I love kids and the joy of being around them helping them to advance in something they once thought they wouldn’t be good in" She enjoys being a coach and at the tender age of 33 she still has every cartwheel round-off and touch in her. Being a full-time mom working a full-time job and seeing her babies doing something positive and knowing that what they are doing at College Park Recreation does not get any better than that.

Learn more about College Park Recreation. They have basketball, gymnastics, karate, volleyball, and more.

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