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Improving Time Management as an Entrepreneur

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

As an entrepreneur, your time may be your most valuable resource. It is important to manage yours wisely so that you can take care of everything you need to do and still have time for yourself, family, and friends.

Productivity Apps

One of the best time-saving tricks is having someone or something else complete a task for you. There are many tasks that small business owners must tend to that can be simplified with the help of specific apps and software programs. Although a variety of apps are available, it may be best to start with just a few that address your most time-consuming tasks. Having too many apps and programs may make your work more complicated than it needs to be.

Apps that manage email keep your inbox clean so you can focus on the most important messages. Features to look for include organizational folders and snooze or pause features. Some are even able to automatically prioritize your messages for you using artificial intelligence.

A calendar app is essential. Although your phone may have one built into its operating system, you may appreciate the more advanced features of other services. Some are able to merge multiple calendars, add items directly from emails, and sync with your phone’s GPS.

Payroll can be overwhelming for both new and experienced business owners. Fortunately, there are numerous payroll software programs available to streamline the process. Many options automatically calculate and file important tax returns, direct deposit paychecks, and sync with employee time-tracking tools. Apps that allow for mobile phone payroll processing help you stay on top of payroll no matter where you are. Having the payroll record on hand also makes it easier for you to answer any questions your employees may have about their pay.

Data show that the majority of business failures are caused by cash flow problems. This means that it is particularly important to monitor your finances. Financial apps are available to assist with banking, budgeting, and general accounting. A good app will help you keep track of income and expenses so that you can know your business’s financial health at all times.

Other Strategies

Although apps are excellent time-savers, it is also important to incorporate time management strategies into your routine. Make sure to prioritize your tasks and stick to your schedule. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks and say no to requests that you do not have time for.

Keeping physical and digital spaces neat and organized helps you find things you need when you need them, saving time and minimizing stress. If your workspace is currently cluttered and disorganized, consider taking a day just to focus on getting everything straightened out.

Strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance and practice self-care. You are likely to work more efficiently if you are sufficiently rested and relaxed when you start the workday.

Entrepreneurs tend to be busy, and it may feel like you never have enough time to do everything you need and want to do. Fortunately, there are apps available that streamline many of the most time-consuming tasks. Take time to choose ones that meet your business’s needs. Keeping a schedule, organizing your workspace, and taking time for yourself are all ways to improve your productivity and minimize stress.

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