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New Movie: Godzilla vs Kong

The epic next chapter in the cinematic Monster-verse pits two of the greatest icons in motion picture history against one another and not the Tom & Jerry but the epic battle of the fearsome Godzilla and the mighty King Kong, Kong if you're a diehard fan with humanity per usual caught in the balance.

March 31, 2021, Godzilla and Kong are going at it.

We have seen Freddy vs Jason, Alien vs Predator, Neo vs The Matrix now Godzilla vs Kong. Which one you have your money on? I choose Kong. I’ve always liked King Kong. He only bothers you if you bother him and he has always shown empathy towards the damsels in distress. So you know Godzilla has stepped on Kongs toes and it’s about to be a war. 2021 has a lot of good movies coming out. I hate not being able go to the movie theater and actually watch a movie, with some buttery popcorn (hold the salt for me), with some goobers or sour patch kids, with an I-C-E-E (mixed Red and Blue), but I digress you didn't stop by to get my movie snack order, although I highly recommend it. I know some movie theaters are open, but if you are not comfortable going out to the movies. You can stay home, go to the store get yourself some of the popcorn, candy and watch Godzilla vs Kong on HBO Max.

Alright Everyone, so I was able to sit down and watch Godzilla vs Kong often seen as the ultimate battle of strength and good vs evil! Godzilla & Kong were at it from the moment they saw each other, basically if "on sight" was a person. The action was amazing, literally having my fist clenched with each punch thrown. The special effects were on point. One scene when they were fighting looked so real, it had me thinking I would not know what I would do if I looked up and saw Kong's foot coming at me, or Godzilla's tail just sliding on by. I would have lost my mind. There were a few characters that irked my nerves though, to the point that I did not think I was going to want to finish the movie. Then again I was waiting for the action. I mean who wants to see Godzilla & Kong for the chit chat? So when that came in I was all in and I was Team Kong. Even though the film had its down moments for me. I did enjoy it and I do suggest adding it to your watch list. Oh a don't forget the snacks!

Side note: If you are near a Family Dollar you can get the boxes of Candy for $1 that you buy at the movies) 🤫

Add Godzilla vs Kong to your Movie Watch List and tell me your thoughts.

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