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Escobar Restaurant and Tapas is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta's Castleberry Hills, minutes away from Phillips Arena, the Georgia Dome and the new Mercedes Benz Stadium. The 3000 square feet of space, that is Escobar Restaurant and Tapas, flaunt a beautiful bar, elegant lounging, and a menu featuring a choice of wine and champagne selection, innovative cocktails, craft beers and undoubtedly the most desired tapas and entrees. (insert from

Escobar Restaurant an Tapas is definitely a place to visit whether you live in Atlanta or just on vacation. I have been to both of their locations on the Southside and in the heart of Atlanta. Both times were awesome, the same great food an service. Y‘all know, I love food!

Escobar has an array of all your favorite southern comfort foods. From shrimp and grits to their famous Tity Boi Turkey Burger. I have only tried the Chicken & Waffles at the Southside location and Mild Wing with lemon pepper (light on the lemon pepper it can be salty sometimes) at the Atlanta location. Both were A-mazing. I had brought the chicken and waffles to my mom and the baby. An we all know those two can be very picky. They have been asking when am I going back. I may just pop up and take them one day. Next time I go back and I DO plan on going back. I am going to get the Shrimp & Grits, they only serve the dish at certain times so double check their website before you head out. You can also look over their entire menu as well and make reservations all online.

Alright, Not only is the food but the vibe is everything. The music, the staff, the patio, the artwork. An don't be surprised if you run into a couple of celebrities sprinkled in the crowd, 2 Chains an Snoop Dog most recently. Nothing is better than having a good time while you eat.

Have you been to the Escobar? Do you plan on going? If so tell me all about your experience below and what you ate.* whispers* so I can order it next time 🤪

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