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Bad Habits

We all have them. Whether it’s smoking, picking at your face, drinking to much soda or even biting your nails. We all have our own habit that we want to break but don’t know how to. Some of us wait to break the habit when it begins to affect us mentally, physically or emotionally.

How are bad habits developed?

Most of your bad habits are caused by two things....stress and boredom. Most of the time, bad habits are simple a way of dealing with stress and boredom. (Insert from

My bad habit was from being nervous. When ever I got nervous the first thing I would do is bite away at my nails. Now I didn’t bite all the way down to where you can tell I bit them. But you knew I did because my hands were always in my mouth. If it wasnt my hand I was munching away at a pen top. Some times I still do but it’s not as bad as when I was in middle school. Why? Because I learned my lesson and my bad habit began to affect me physically.

One day I woke up to go to school and my thumb was swollen it was hurting so bad. It looked like I jammed it - but I didn’t. So we figured it was a bad hang nail. It was not until the school nurse called my mom and told her my finger was infected. My mom called my doctor Dr. Murphy (he was one of the best pediatricians R.I.P) and he told her to take me to the emergency room. Let the nightmare begin.....they did an x-ray on my finger (I believe but don’t quote me) and saw that I had an infection and had to work on me right then and there. The infection was so bad, that if I would have never went to the hospital I probably would not be writing this right now. The infection would have eventually spread through my body and killed me. Did they put me to sleep? Nope, I was wide awake. Here I am a girl who hates needles and they are about to operate on my finger now. I still have the scar on my finger from it. The healing process was horrible because the pain from the surgery was a throbbing pain, I had to keep my hand up 🙄. So picture me sitting at my desk in school with my finger wrapped up, with my elbow on the desk and this thumb just sitting up, and when I want to answer or ask a question just raise your other hand or your index finger next to your thumb 😤. Talk about All Eyes On Me! It’s ok won’t catch me slipping twice. I learned my lesson.

Lesson I learned your mouth is one of the dirtiest parts of your body. Why? it holds the largest amount of bacteria.

If you have a bad habit and need help breaking it. Here are a few steps to take according to WebMd

Step No.1: Make It Conscious

Step No. 2: Put It In Writing So It Really Sinks In

Step No. 3: Bait and Switch

I did not follow these steps to break my habit but I will defiantly try to follow them for my other habits. All it took was for them to slice my finger open for me to break mine.

What are your bad habits? Share them below

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