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Let's Talk Brazilian...

I'm that kind of lady who gets a full body wax once a month, if thats t.m.i sorry, but you know we like family over here. I know some of you ladies and gentlemen reading this are probably like yeah, Nah I'm good. Ya'll over there saying "I can barely survive the Brazilian”.

Well let me tell you a little about Rio Body Wax which is my place for all my waxing needs. A full body wax includes underarms, Brazilian, legs, and lip (no I do not do the lip- and I'm not knocking anyone who does).

Why I began waxing? I do not like hair and I feel I should always stay ready in case I get a call for a shoot or I might want to throw on that dress that shows my legs. The razor does not work for me I'm always cutting myself, I have the scars to prove it, and the in-grown hairs no ma'am I'll pass. Now I will not lie, even though I go frequently there is always slight pain when your soul is being snatched. We all remember that scene from The 40 Year Old Virgin! Now, my girl Natalie over at Rio is NOT a soul snatcher. I do not know what technique she uses, but it's not as bad as other places I have been to. The trick to avoiding the soul snatch is to go frequently depending on you and go exfoliate. I exfoliate with Shea Moisture Hand & Body Scrub, Coconut & Hibiscus every other day. I just love how smooth my skin feels especially after a full body.

This year is all about self-care for me so I take care of myself from head to toe. It's amazing how good you feel when your body feels good and looks good. There are so many other ways to self-care as well but I wanted to share one of my favorite self-care treats.

I wanted to share the top reasons you should Wax (trust me I feel great)

  • no more cuts

  • its better for your skin health

  • gives you smoother skin

  • it will make your hair thinner

  • it will last longer

  • Best Results Ever

Check out my girl Natalie at Rio Body Wax (Camp Creek). If you’re not in the Georgia area they have locations in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida.

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